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Signum Croaticum Tokeni:

Token Dispenser:

Product description:
Automatic self-distribute products (tokena).



Product description:

- diameter: 31 mm
- thickness: 2,50 mm

Postcard - Coin Card:

Product description:
Postcard - Coin Card dimension (10x15 cm)

Coin Bag - Plexi stand for a token:

Product description:
Plexi stand for a token.

2 tokens i Plexibox:

Product description:
2 coins Signum Croaticum in plexibox.

Collection of Dalmatia:
Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik


National Program Token exists in over 30 countries with 900 different patterns, which is recognized everywhere in Europe. Signum Croaticum is part of the franchise and trying to divide and display a part of our beauty through this unique souvenir that is recognized in Europe and Croatia where it belongs.