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Each state has its own unique history to offer. Croatia as a country with the most protected UNESCO heritage deserves its place in the National Tokens.

Signum Croaticum want to show you a small part of that history with its collection of Croatian token. Featuring our historical and cultural sites we bring Croatia's rich history to the world. In the variety of sights such as the cathedral, monuments, museums, cities, castles and various other antiquities we believe that we can offer something for everyone.

Signum Croaticum promotes Croatia as a newly discovered jewel of the Mediterranean,with unique souvenir, Croatian token that remains as an eternal memory of our beautiful country.

National Program Token exists in over 30 countries with 900 different patterns, which is recognized everywhere in Europe. Signum Croaticum is part of the franchise and trying to divide and display a part of our beauty through this unique souvenir that is recognized in Europe and Croatia where it belongs.



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